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Thanks Alex Yates (B | L | T) for hosting this TSQL Tuesday 119. Your invite asked us to write about Life changers in our work carreer.

T-SQL Tuesday #119 – Mind ChangersMost of my life changers in my work carreer occurred after switching between  my current and my previous job.

In my previous job they made me clear that they were about outsourcing the work we did. At that time we were with 5 DBA's running an environment of about 30 instances on 5 Clusters with multiple customers per instance.At that time we thought it was best to move customers over to the instance based on maintenance hours.

In that time almost all of my, mostly hired, DBA's left. I was left behind with only one other external guy, who was hired for moving the estate to the external company. I really liked that guy and he told me that it was wise for me to become a freelancer, so that I could choose where to work. I had multiple chats about it, and I promised him to go Freelance.

At that time we had some social courses because I was not the only one. I learned how to use Linked In and Twitter and took a look at Facebook. For me it was clear: facebook is for fun, LinkedIn is for work and Twitter is for communication.

Together with the freelancer ,I worked on several stuff, but also about how to get work and the role of LinkedIn. When the time for me was there and  I was ready for searching a new position somewhere, I had a nice LinkedIn profile and was called frequently allready.

Within two months, I had lots of "LinkedIn" friends. I also found some companies who have positions for Freelancers. One of those companies had the oppurtunity I still have. Why? I just love the work I am doing right now as a database engineer. I am working on a big enterprise estate with multiple disciplines and technologies involved. 

So my advice is: don't look at negative things when you need to change jobs, but use it as an oppurtunity!

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Sunday, October 6, 2019 By Rob Litjens