T-SQL Tuesday #126 - Helping to Survive Covid-19

This months invitation for T-SQL tuesday came from Glenn Berry (B | L | T) . His original request is explained here.

T-SQL Tuesday #126 - Helping to survive Covid-19

Glenn's invite asks us to what we have done in response to Covid-19. 

I first needed to think very deep about that question...

Posted on mei 11, 2020

GMSA: Server Preparation and Modify the install

In my previous blogs I talked about what Group Managed Service accounts are, what you need to have enabled in your Active Directory and the AD objects we needed before we can even think about using them to ease our SQL installation.

But we are not...

Posted on feb 9, 2020

gMSA: Create the accounts and the group


After creating the KDC keys in your Active Directory we can continue with where it all is about: creating the GMSA.

Before we will create the account, we first need to create a group. This group will hold all of the computeraccounts of...

Posted on nov 24, 2019

Group Managed Service Accounts: prepare your domain

Last posts I have been talking about Group Managed Service Accounts (GMSA). I will continue on that journey with this blog.

Group managed Service accounts are nice, but you need to prepare it very well, otherwise you end up with a non working non...

Posted on okt 17, 2019

@TSQL Tuesday 119 - Mind changers

Thanks Alex Yates (B | L | T) for hosting this TSQL Tuesday 119. Your invite asked us to write about Life changers in our work carreer.

T-SQL Tuesday #119 – Mind ChangersMost of my life changers in my work carreer occurred after switching between  my current and my previous job.


Posted on okt 6, 2019

Group Managed Service Accounts

Like said in my previous post for TSql Tuesday, I am a big fan of automating stuff to be become secure by default.

One of the measurements we have taken on my assignment is to implement Group Managed Service Accounts. But what are they? How can...

Posted on sep 21, 2019

T-SQL Tuesday #118 – My wish...

Thanks Kevin Chant (b|tfor hosting this Tsql Tuesday.

You make it hard for me to answer this one. Especially since it is my first official post for a TSQL Tuesday.T-SQL Tuesday #118 – Your fantasy SQL feature

As a Database Infrastructural engineer there are some behaviors which you...

Posted on sep 9, 2019